Amity Point (Stradbroke Island)


Amity Point (NOT the one of JAWS fame) is located on the North Western tip of Stradbroke Island, and has sweeping views over Moreton Bay back over torwards Brisbane and is therefore a good spot for sunsets.

Amity Point is known for visits from wild dolphins.  Most afternoons – just before sunset –  “wild” dolphins come and visit the jetty… although there are fears that these Indo-Pacific dolphins (which have been fed for years), have lost their natural fear of humans are becoming too habituated with human contact.  Feeding the dolhpins is not encouraghed and hthere are signs requesting peoiple NOT to do it.

How to get there:

You can get to Stradbroke Island via car or passenger ferries which leave regularly from Cleveland (just 30 minuets drive from Brisbane CBD).  The ferry trip is approximately 40 minutes and once on the island you can get pretty much anywhere in 20 minutes.  a 4WD is NOT required for most areas,. but to get on the beach and head to more isolated places you will need a 4WD and a beach driving permit.

Amity Point is about a 15 minute drive from Dunwich (where the ferry lands).


There can be mozzies and sandflies (particularly in summer) so bring some insect repellent

Good idea to bring a polarising filter, and if you want some good sunrise/sunset shots (particularly if you are doing time lapse sequences) a selection of ND filters and a tripod is a must.

The Timelapse sequence below, a Sunset from Amity Point (Stradbroke Island ) is made up of 196 photos compressed to a 7 second timelapse video sequence :


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