Ballandean Pyramid (Qld)


Ballandean is a small town south of Stanthorpe on the New England Highway – most famous for its Vineyards.

The Ballandean Pyramid  (not to be confused with the nearby natural rock formations known as the Pyramids in the Girraween National Park) is a man made stone pyramid near the small village of Ballandean, Queensland, Australia. The pyramid is approximately 15 metres in height and built from blocks of the local granite.

The pyramid is visible  (to the east) from the highway, but most photographers (me included) miss it because they are busy looking the other way scanning the spectacular mountains to the west for photo opportunities

How to get there:

From the centre of town (don’t blink), turn East off the New England Highway (towards the Ballandean Hotel), turn right immediately after crossing the railway track and keep going a couple of minutes – you can’t miss it.


It is currently forbidden for public to climb the pyramid for any reason.  The area is protected by an electric fence (and yes… it is turned on… I checked :))

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