Banteay Srei, Angkor (Cambodia)


Banteay Srei, a 10th century Cambodian temple dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva. This temple is built largely of red sandstone, and is famous for its elaborate decorative wall carvings. The buildings themselves are small in relation to most Angkor temples.

How to get there:

Banteay Srei lies near the hill of Phnom Dei, 25 km (16 mi) north-east of the main group of temples at Angkor


There is plenty of parking and a collection of shops/stalls selling a variety of merchandise – including drinks (especially good are chilled fresh coconuts, which they will “top” for a rehresfing drink of cocount milk, and then cut open for you to get at the pulp.

Location fees/costs:

An Angkor Pass is required to enter the Angkor temple complex (and each individual temple).  Yous can buy the Angkor Pass at the main ticket sales booths on the road from Siemreap to Angkor Wat.

Best time:

Cambodia is almost always hot and humid, so best to arrive as early as possible (this is also the best way to avoid crowds)


  • One of the things that differentiate this temple from others in the region is the intricacy of the carvings, so bring a decent zoom lens and take some closeups of them.
  • You will very likely be approached by children selling postcards, books and various trinkets.  They are polite, but can be persistent.  If you interact they are likely to stay longer, but if you ignore them they will eventually leave.
  • Many of the local kids are very photogenic and most are very happy for you to take a photo of them.  You can use gestures or ask “Some Tot Moi (literally Please photo one).  Most are delighted to see their photo so make sure that you give them a look 🙂


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