Buderim Forest Park


Buderim Forest Park is a hidden gem on the Sunshine Coast.  The park covers an area of approximately 45ha with a 1300m trail winding through following Martin Creek.

The park is a subtropical rainforest with fig trees, ferns and the flowing creek.  The best part of the park is Serenity Falls which can  be viewed from a bridge.  It is also possible to get in behind the waterfall for some great shots.

How to get there:

Located only minutes from the centre of Buderim on the Sunshine Coast.  There are 2 entrances to the park:

  1. Behind ‘Harry’s Restaurant’ on Harry’s Lane at the bottom of Lindsay Road – this entrance has well constructed boardwalk that crosses the creek numerous times to allow access to those in wheelchairs or with prams.
  2. Next to Buderim White House Grand Manor on Quorn Close – closer to the waterfall.

Best time:

Best time to visit is a day or two after rain, early morning or late afternoon.


  • The non-boardwalk portion of the trail is steep in places so decent shoes are recommended.  
  • There is picnic areas and BBQs at both ends of the trail.
  • Inspect repellent (especially just after rain) is a must!


Find out more with this BuderimForestPark PDF


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