Eildon Hill Reservoir – Windsor (Brisbane)


Rising up between the Brisbane suburbs of Windsor and Wilston, Eildon Hill provides unobstructed views to the Brisbane CBD (to the South) and Mt Cootha (to the West).  The Reservoir itelf (with a capacity of over 20 million litres) is actually embedded into the hill – with only the top couple of feet protruding.

Eildon-Hill-ReserviorThe top of the reservoir  provides a very large flat concrete area with 360° views of Brisbane city and the surrounding ranges to Cunningham’s Gap,  The Taylor Ranges, The D’Aguilar Ranges, the Glasshouse Mountains and spectacular sunsets. Fireworks displays held in the city can also bee seen at night.

How to get there:

There is a good road off Constitution Rd, Windsor, which leads right to the top, with adequate parking on the road which surrounds the reservoir.  The road up is gated, but no signs as to if or when the gates are closed.

Best time:

Great for sunsets and fireworks in the city (although it is likely to get busy and good viewing spots of the city may be limited).

Genres for this location:

Good for sunset shots and night photos of the city, also good during the day for cityscapes.  Although I’ve not (yet) tried it, but because there is little (or no) ambient light, I think the large flat concrete top would be an awesome place for Light Painting – particularly Light Orbs and even Steel Wool Orbs.

Update: I’ve now tried out this spot at night – and it is AWESOME for light painting… Loads of space and plenty of options for experimentation (see updated gallery below)


Although in the centre of suburbia, this spot could be quite isolated, so may be a bit spooky at night on your own – best to come with a mate or two 🙂

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