Kangaroo Point Cliffs (Brisbane)


Kangaroo Point Cliffs overlook the Brisbane River and the Brisbane CBD, with the Story Bridge to the North and Southbank to the south.

There are  plenty of photo opportunities along the whole length of the cliffs and you can walk along the top, or take the stairs (one set near the rotunda at the southern end, another near the cafe at the northern end) down to the riverside below.  There is a walkway/cycle path along the whole riverside which extends from Southbank to Captain Burke Park (right under the Story Bridge.

During the day (especially weekends) there are often climbers traversing the cliff face, and at night they are lit up.

Early mornings and evenings provide some spectacular views of the CBD from the cliff tops.

There are usually plenty of people around for taking some interesting “street” shots and also some cool sculptures at the Story Bridge end of the cliffs (by the Cafe).

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