Okere Falls, Rotorua (New Zealand)


Okere Falls  are formed from the runoff from Lake Rotorua and are a popular spot for kayakers and white water rafters.
There is a Kayak entry point on the main highway and an exit point at TroutPpool falls – about 2km down a side road.

There are a few spots for taking photos… at the kayakers entry point, at the main Okere falls themselves (two locations here – one right at river level – entry from the bottom of the carpark, and another overlooking the falls.

There are a number of photo opportunities at the exit point which can be accessed via the Trout Pool carpark.  There is also a walk along the river (which I didn’t have time to take) which I expect will provide other photo opportunitues.

A kayaker takes about 20 minutes from the top to the bottom… so it is pretty easy to photograph them at various points (if you drive).  I was there on a week day so it was fairly quiet – but I epect on a weekend it will be pumping – with plenty of action.




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