Point Vernon (Hervey Bay, QLD)


Point Vernon in Hervey Bay is a popular holiday destination for families exploring the Hervey Bay area.

point-vernon-aerialThis point provides a rare opportunity to take sunset photos with views over the water from the SE QLD mainland.

There are some unusual rock “fingers” extending into the sea which, with a bit of a scramble, provide plenty of opportunities for unusual and dynamic sunset shots.

There are a couple of car parks along the Esplanade and Corser St.  Simply park and take a short walk onto the beach to find a suitable spot to take your photos.


Bring a tripod and probably some ND filters (if you want to get longer exposures as the sun sets).

Also make sure you bring some insect repellent – sand flies are common and if you are not careful will leave you with itchy bites that last for days.

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