Redlands Indigiscapes Centre – Capalaba (Brisbane)


1-IMG_7062Redlands Indigiscapes Centre is an environmental education centre at 17 Runnymede Road
Capalaba – run by the Redland City Council.

This area has extensive walking trails through the bushland – with plenty of flora and fauna to photograph, but it is also a great place for model shoots as there are lots of interesting little nooks and spaces which make ideal locations for portraits.


Entry is Free and there is a great little cafe/coffee shop to relax before or after a shoot,

Location and Opening Hours

Address: 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba QLD 4157

Phone: (07) 3824 8611
Opening hours:
The Centre is open 10am – 4pm
Tea Garden Cafe is open 10am – 3pm
Nursery is open 9am – 12pm, first Saturday of every month (excluding January)

Best time:

Unfortunately the center is not open early morning or late afternoon – so is not available durin  “the golden hours” around sunrise and sunset.


  • Although there is plenty of shade it can be a little tricky dealing with contrast issues associated with the dappled light caused by sunshine and shadow…. Good idea to bring a  reflector to give you more control over lighting in these situations.
  • This centre is pretty popular for school excursions – so if you go during the week be prepared to share the space with a bunch of primary schoolers



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