Seno Otway, Punta Arenas (Chile)


_DSC5743Seno Otway is a penguin colony located about 70km north of Punta Arenas.  It is home to hundreds of Magellanic Penguins.

Not only can you see the penguins but also several species of birds (including Pink Flamingos) and rabbits.  The scenery is beautiful with many different types, textures and colours in the ground plants.  Providing it is not too windy, it would make for some great macro photography.

How to get there:

Many tour agencies offer trips from town for $10,000 (around US$20) and stay at the Penguins for about an hour and a half.  Depending on the weather, that may be more than enough time,  the day I was there a blistering wind was blowing making it extremely uncomfortable to be outside for too long.


Basic facilities of toilets and a cafe are provided.

Location fees/costs:

There is an entrance fee of $1,500 payable to a guy in a little hut on the road and then another $6,000 is payable to actually get into the Penguins.

Best time:

Only open during the summer months from approx September to March each year.   The tours run in the afternoons.


Although you can get fairly close to the Penguins it is recommended that you have a zoom lens to get that bit closer.  It is also recommended that you take as many warm clothes as possible including hat, scarf and gloves.

All prices are in Chilean Pesos ( and  are current as of January 2014.  



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