Shorncliffe Pier – Park Parade (Shorncliffe)


Shorncliffe Pier, with its white faded timber railings, colonial street lamps spaced out along the stretch of pier, and resting shelter towards the end is a much visited attraction for families, residents, tourists, and of course photographers to the Shorncliffe sea front.

The pier has been closed to people since March 2012 (due to safety concerns) and  is currently earmarked for a “renewal” project which, scheduled for completion in  2016, seems unfortunately destined for a complete demolition and rebuild.  This will almost certainly result in loss  of the “rustic charm” this pier has developed over the last 130 years (it was originally constructed in the 1880s).


Shorncliffe / Sandgate area on the water; about a 20 mins drive from the Brisbane CBD.  Very easy to with plenty of parking right on the waterfront.


The Shorncliffe Pier is the focus point of Moora park, which includes BBQ facilities, playgrounds and walking.cycling paths.

This area is a beautiful location on the water, great for sunrise/sunset (and would also be ideal for Light Painting with the right tide)

Video below is best viewed at 1080p HD Resolution 🙂



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