Siem Reap Quad Biking, Cambodia


Siem Reap is best known as the starting point for tours to the famous Angkor Temples (Ta Phrom, Angor Wat, etc…), however, in photographic terms it has a great deal more to offer.

For a great opportunity to get out into the countryside, and get a taste of  “real” Cambodian rural lifestyle, I don’t think that you can beat a Quad biking tour (and it is LOADS of fun as well)

How to book

There are a couple of companies operating Quad Bike tours in Siem Reap… I have used Quad Adventure Cambodia a couple of times and found them to be fantastic (they had just received a whole new fleet of brand new quad bikes when I was there in August 2013).  You can find out more (and book online at  When you book, they will most likley arrange to pick you up (and drop ypu off) right at your local Siem Reap accommodation.

Beware though, if you book via your hotel, you may find that you are booked with operator with a VERY similar nbame.  They may be OK, but I habeve nbpt used thema nd therefore canlt recommend them


Quad Adventure Cambodia has a massive fleet of Quad bikes (most of them brand new as of August 2013) and many experienced guides.  They will provide you with a helmet, give you a safety check, a rundown of the bikes, and a quick “practice” ride to make sure you are comfortable and know what you are doing.  Tours are run in small groups (2-4 bikes usually), with an individual tiur guide for each group (the guide may ride a motorbike, or share a quad with one of the guests).

Best time:

Quad Adventure Cambodia offer a number of different quad biking tours (at amazing rates)… I like the Sunset tour, which gives you an hour or so before the sun sets (the golden hour), and with a little luck you may also catch a stunning Cambodian sunset across the paddy fields.


  • Make sure that you have a rain/dust cover for your camera gear.  If it is the season you can expect to be rained on.  If it is the dry season, it WILL be dusty.
  • Unless it is actually raining, start the tour with your camera out… There will be loads of photo opportunities and you don’t want to have to scrabble for your camera and miss the shot
  • Don’t take photos while you are actually moving
  • Mention to your guide that you are interested in taking photos.  They will let you stop pretty much wherever you want, and can take you to some great photo spotz
  • If you can be the last in the group, you can stop whenever you want (without disrupting the others), take some quick shots, and then catch up

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