Ta Phrom, Angkor (Cambodia)


Ta Prohm, The Temple made famous by the movie Tomb Raider (featuring Lara Croft running and diving through amazing temples and ruins), is one of the more popular temples in the Angkor complex.

Because of it’s popularity your timing in coming here is very important as if you arrive with the crowds, getting one of the iconic photos of the temple without it crawling with people is next to impossible.

Aim to arrive early before the crowds.

How to get there:

It is possible top get a Tuk tuk from Seim Reap, but I would recommend that you seek out assistance of a local photographic guide for this temple.  They will know the best time to arrive, and be able to guide you to the best spots before the crowds start filtering in.


This temple has (so far) been left largely un-restored, so has a very natural “ruins” feel to it.  Huge fig trees are growing out of, through and over the top of this temple, and causing damage to much of the stonework along the way.  Reconstruction and repair work is currently under way – and recently  (July 2013) platforms and fences have been put up to protect the temple from tourists (and vice versa) and some of the classic photos you may have seen are no longer possible … however, with the right light, the right angles (and very few people around), it is still possible to get some amazing photos of this temple.

Location fees/costs:

As a part of the Angkor complex, you will need an Angkor pass to firstly access the area at all, and again to get into the temple

Best time:

Early in the morning or late in the afternoon – when crowds are fewer


I toured this temple with Nathan Horton -Angkor Photography Tours – and I would highly recommend his services. Nathan has developed relationships with local monks, staff and villagers and is able to get access to areas and  provide photographic opportunities that would not normally be available to the independent photographer.


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