Taihape to Napier Road (New Zealand)


The road from Taihape (halfway along Highway 1 between Taupo and Palmerston North) to Napier is long (164km), Very windy, and Very hilly but offers some spectacular scenery and great photo opportunities…

Allow yourself 3-4 hrs because there are plenty of places you will stop along the way (there are also plenty of places you would like to stop, but there is not enough room to pull over or it is not safe to do so).

This is essentially a small country road… but don’t believe the tourist maps, as it fully sealed, and for the most part two lane… There are plenty of tight corners and be on the lookout for tankers and logging trucks.

The beginning and end of this road is mostly farmland – cattle and sheep, with the middle section being primarily forest. If you are lucky you may catch a herd of sheep being moved between paddocks, or hay being bailed… or even trees being felled.



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