Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk (Brisbane)


Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk is a public walkway, winding for more than 500 meters through mangrove forest along Wynnum foreshore. It reaches to the edge of the mangroves with viewing platforms stretching into Moreton Bay.

A little beyond the boardwalk itself (although I have not yet visited) is a bird hide which overlooks a migratory and shore bird roosting site.

How to get there:

The boardwalk is accessed via Elanora Park at Crown St, Wynnum.  Follow the raod through the park all the way to thew roundabout (and parking) at the end.  Note, the road is signed as only being open open 5AM to 7PM (although I’m not sure how strictly this is enforced).

Best time:

this spot is worth visiting at different times, as different weather conditions and tide times provide a very different atmosphere and experience.

Low tide is probably best for Wildlife as there are likely to be more crabs and insects about (and subsequently more birdlife too).  At high tide there is water under most of the boardwalk.

On sunny days there will probably be lost of contrast (sun and shade) so I prefer overcast days.


  • This is an isolated area so take care of your personal safety
  • being a mangrove area, mosquitos and sandflies may be about, so you may like to bring insect repellent

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