About PhotoSpotz

NOTE: PhotoSpotz is still under development and is in  a relatively early BETA phase – so you may (and probably will) encounter issues and problems. If you do come across any bugs – or have ANY suggestions on how we can improve this service... please let us know.

Photographers are always looking for new and interesting locations to take photos.  PhotoSpotz has been established as a community for photographers (beginner, amateur and professional)  to collaborate and share their “favourite” locations to take photos.

How often have you been somewhere new, and wondered where nearby would be a good spot to take some photos.  Even though the “exploration” is a part of the fun, knowing some good locations to start with and having some idea of what to expect (and what gear to take) makes life a lot easier.

Even if you are not traveling, finding a new photogenic spot closer to home is a fantastic way to get inspiration and try out some new photo techniques.

PhotoSpotz encourages all photographers to share  their favourite photo spots, locations (worldwide) and experiences and give other photographers a chance to experience them too.

PhotoSpotz are not just limited to the “standard” locations that we see cropping up in photos all the time (Sydney Opera House, Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc…) but also lesser known, unusual, hard to get to, or out of the way locations.

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