Create Your Own Spotz

PhotoSpotz has been established as a collaborative community so we encourage (and in fact need) new members and submissions.

There are some rules associated with the types of photo locations we list  – although we try to keep the “rules” as simple as possible

  • Public – The location must be publicly accessible.  We want to share great photo locations, so if they can not be readily accessed by the general public they should not be submitted
  • Unique – before you submit your own Spot, please check that it hasn’t already been listed.  We do not want (and may remove) duplicate listings
  • Been There Done That  – please only submit a Spot for a location you have actually been too and taken photos from.  Don’t submit a Spot for somewhere that someone told you was great.  We do this to try and ensure accuracy
  • NO Ads – Although we have decided to allow links (to other related Spotz or third party websites) we do NOT want this to become a commercial tool to promote third party services.  Spotz which seem to be of a commercial or spammy nature will NOT be approved (so don’t waste your time).

Claim your Spotz

If you have a favourite spot (or a few favourite locations) for taking photos, we would love you to register and start submitting them.  We will provide a basic “template” for you to use as a starting point, but feel free to add or update this as appropriate to the actual location you are submitting.  All Spotz are currently reviewed and app4roved prior to publication – and we will try to do this within 24hrs (although we do reserve the right to edit Spotz if necessary).

Become a Mediator

We anticipate (or at least hope) that over time we will not be able to review and approve all the Spotz on our own, so expect to add local mediators.  If you’ve added some Spotz of your own, like what we are doing, and would like to be involved, please feel free to contact us


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