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This section of PhotoSpotz provides information and Step by Step guides about how to use various aspects of the PhotoSpotz site.

How to Register with PhotoSpotz

Registering with PhotoSpotz is easy (and free).

PhotoSpotz Members are able to submit their own favourite locations, and will also (from time to time) receive updates on new locations, and  special offers, discounts, and “members only” competitions.

To register simply :

  1. Click on the  Button (in the PhotoSpotz website header)
  2. Enter your preferred username and Email address, click on the register button and you will be emailed your initial password
    (If this username already exists you will get an error message and be prompted to choose another one)
    Within a few minutes you will receive an email, to the registered email address which contain your initial password and a link to login.
  3. Check your email (it will have the submjetc line “[PhotoSpotz – The Worlds Favourite Photo Locations] Your username and password“) and Login (using the emailed link or the button on the PhotoSpotz site.
    You will be taken to the PhotoSpotz Dashboard, where you can either modify your profile or View/Add Spotz

We recommend that you go to the Profiles section and choose your own password.


How To List your own Spotz

We rely on our members to add new Spotz – this is fundamental to the site.  We therefore encourage anyone to register and add you own favourite Photo Locations – anywhere in the world.  Tere are a few guidelines we would like you to follow, so please ensure that you read these first though.

This section provides a basic step by step guide on how to create your own Spotz :

  1. Register and Login
  2. From the Dashboard, go to Spotz >> Ad New
  3. Enter a Title for the Spot
    This should be a short descriptive name for the location (and if it is part of a larger location (e.g. a city) put that in brackets afterwards – e.g. “Kangaroo Point Cliffs (Brisbane)”
  4. Enter a Description
    In the main description area, we provide a basic template to “inspire” you.  This is intended as a guide only.  You can use it if you wish, extend it, or put in content of your own.  The aim of this description is to provide useful information for anyone who may be interested in taking a photo from this spot.
    There are some basic editing tools here (which we may cover in more detail in another “How To..”
  5. To add photos, click on the Upload/Insert link above the toolbar and select the images from your computer
    (we will cover creating a gallery in a separate “How To…”)
  6. Enter a Location in the “search for a location: field and press enter.  A pointer should appear on the map… zoom into the map and if necessary, click and drag to relocate the marker so it is as close as possible to the location)
  7. Select One or more Genres as relevant
  8. Select the best time of day
  9. Scroll back up to the top and click the “Submit for Review” Button

Once submitted, your Spot will be reviewed, edited (if necessary) and you should be notified when it is approved

How To add your own Photos to existing Spotz

If you find one of your favourite photo locations already registered on PhotoSpotz, we’d love you to contribute as well… by adding comments (or your own photo) to the Spot.

You must be a PhotoSpotz member to comment  and contribute.  If you are not already a member you can here

One logged in you can add your own hints, tips and comments about the location, and you can even upload a photo of your own taken from that spot.

To add a comment and/or photo :

  1. Login to your PhotoSpotz account
  2. Once Logged in, you will be able to add a comment and/or select a photo to upload
    To select a Photo :

    • Click the “Choose File” Button
    • Find the photo you want to upload (from your own Computer) and select it
      (please ensure that the photo is not Huge or it may be rejected – we recommend a maximum of 1024 pixels (wide or tall))
  3. Once you have entered your comment and/or photo, click the “Post Comment” Button

All Comments and new Photos will be reviewed, and if OK, approved, and may be also be incorporated into the existing listing.


You can also download and read the
PhotoSpotz User Guide (as a PDF)


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