Brisbane Square


Brisbane Square is actually an office building but also includes a large open area (sometimes referred to locally as Casino Square).  It is located at the top end of the Brisbane CBD, just outside the Conrad Treasury Casino and adjacent to the Victoria Bridge

This area has free access to the public 24×7 and is good for some interesting architectural shots (bring a wide angle lens).  There are also some large spherical metal sculptures (that are lit up from the inside at night), which provide plenty of scope

Best time:

Good 24×7 but my favourite time is at night – particularly if it has been raining – for some spectacular long exposures and interesting light effects.

They often have Christmas decorations (including a Christmas tree with lights) around Christmas, which adds to the impact.

Brisbane City Farmers Markets

Every Wednesday 10AM to 6PM a “Farmers Market” is held at this spot.  The area is transformed into a colourful,  bustling, vibrant market,  selling fresh farm produce, flowers, breads, artisan products, meat, fish, poultry, plants, organics and food related objects.   This market provides the photographer with great colours, lots of buzz, people coming and going and a great atmosphere to get some amazing people photos.



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