Mooloolaba Beach (Sunshine Coast, Qld)


At the northern end of Mooloolaba Beach there are some cool rock formations which make some spectacular seascape photos – particularly at sunrise.  There are a number pf unusual weathered formations, and also plenty of rock slabs, where the water lays and you can get some great reflections.


There is a public car park close by (which is often fairly busy, particularly at the weekend – but generally there are plenty of spots available at sunrise)

Best time:

Best at Sunrise, with a lowish tide.  If the tide is high waves may be crashing over some of the best rocks…. and you probably won’t be able to get in close enough to get nice reflections off some of the rock pools and rock slabs covered in water.


Soon after  the sun has risen, wander along the rocks.  Look for waves crashing up over the rocks to get some spectacular sunrise waves.

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