South Maroochy River (Maroochydore)


There are some interesting Boat Sheds along the south bank of the South Maroochy River (Bradman Avenue).  One in particular is slatted and makes for some nice sunrise (and sunset for that matter) shots.

You can park right next to the spot (so not far to lug your gear).

500 metres East there is a footbridge across to Chambers Island (there is a rowing shed on the island and quite often rowers out training in the early morning).  There are usually a bunch of brightly coloured boats belonging to Swan Boat Hire moored here which add a nice splash of colour.  The bridge also allows ou to get out over the water and adjust your angle for sunsets.


There is a public toilet (and a cafe) near the Chambers island footbridge

Best time:

Sunrise and Sunset are best


  •  Bring some insect repellent – just in case.
  • Setup for sunrise early – and be ready to shoot – often the best sunrise moments last just seconds

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